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Travel for me is about discovering the world with a spirit of adventure. Discovery and adventure can take place half way around the world or close to home, as the articles reveal. They are designed to give you the reader a sense of my experience, and provide practical information such as how to plan out a trip and what might be expected. I attempt to present a balanced perspective on each destination to help readers make truly informed travel decisions.

Those who travel have an opportunity to witness first hand changes in the natural environment associated with climate change and pressure from the global economy. Communicating this information by word of mouth, writing letters to those who can influence change, and contributing to effective pro-environmental charities assist in preserving at risk destinations. With the aim of educating and encouraging action I present environmental problems in my articles whenever applicable, such as the demise of marine ecosystems and sharks that have largely remained hidden under the waves.

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Impossibly Scenic Iceland: A Unique Itinerary To This “Hot” Destination

CN Tower Edge Walk

Thunder Bay Adventure

Interior British Columbia Skiing: The Path Lesser Tracked

Panorama-Flying Through The Snow

Saba: Unspoiled Queen Of The Caribbean

Shark Diving

Machu Picchu & Peru

Time Travel Egyptian Style

Fresh Tracks-Selkirk Snow-Cat Skiing

San Andres Island-Columbian Gem

Sun Peaks, BC

Jasper-The Winter Story


Experience Counts-Selkirk Mountains Snow-Cat Skiing

Vancouver Island’s Eco-Lodges

British Columbia Scuba Diving

British Columbia Powder Skiing

Maldives Coral World

St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Top 10 Scuba Diving Spots

Algonquin Log Cabin

British Columbia Powder Skiing

Caribbean Live-Aboard Scuba Diving

Powder Keg-British Columbia

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